Wednesday, May 2, 2012

US & British Virgin Islands

Bitter End, Virgin Gorda

We noticed today that we have been in the Virgin islands for nearly 2 months now, so consider ourselves very lucky!  Previous trips here were much shorter and it has been great to explore some different places.

St John has been a real favourite, most of the island is national park and is covered in hiking trails. The trails wind through the forest and up and over the mountains taking in old sugar plantations, petroglyphs and stunning views over the islands.

The other highlight has been sailing once more, after hundred of miles of head winds and seas it has been so good to hoist the sails, slipping silently from place to place in sheltered waters.

It has also been a very sociable few months, guests on board, catching up with sailing buddies we haven’t seen for years and waving sad farewells to Chandelle and Bella as they turn round and head for the USA.