Sunday, June 10, 2012

Travels To Grenada

Prickly Bay, Grenada

We have had a pretty fast trip down to Grenada from the Virgin Islands, we finally left Virgin Gorda on 6th May, with a goal of getting here in time to do a few boat chores before heading off on our various land trips in July/August.

First stop was St Martin and the long awaited reunion with French supermarkets. 

DSC_0002In conjunction with Bleu Marie we organised a blind taste testing evening of 12 wines, 4 saucisson and countless cheeses – what decadence, what gluttony, what joy! 

We set a self imposed target of a maximum of 4.50 Euros a bottle to compare with the various US chateau cardboards we have been drinking while in the Bahamas and Virgin Islands. 

St Martin 101We managed to remain sober enough to write down the details of the wines, most drinkable, the odd horrible and a couple that were very good – so the next day we returned to the shops to buy a couple of cases of the good stuff!

Even Charlie got to do his own taste test!  Although he prefers the posh US vet only food to the crappy French cat biscuits!

Next stop is St Barts, one of our favourites, we spend a few days in the superb Anse Colombier enjoying the weather and the water, some great hiking and a fabulous lunch in sophisticated Gustavia to celebrate 15 years together.



Onwards ever onwards we sailed from St Barts to Guadeloupe stopping overnight for a sleep at Montserrat, the anchorage there was very comfortable and we must go back soon to do the volcano tours.

A few days in Des Haies doing some sightseeing, a trip to Carrefour to stock up on French delicacies for hurricane season, and for Linda some busy days as she makes some stunning cockpit cushions for Bleu Marie.  When we bought Matsu Linda got an industrial sewing machine and has gradually pushed back the boundaries of yacht sewing starting with some simple covers and through to our dodger that she made so well in 2011.  The combination of Michelle’s artistic eye for colours and Linda’s sewing making for a stunning addition to Bleu Marie.

Des Haies 091Des Haies 098

From Des Haies a long and superb sail to Roseau Dominica for the night and then on to Grand Anse D’Arlet in Martinique, where we ran into our long lost cruising friends Sam and John on Imagine, last seen in early 2009. 

Rodney Bay 013We found them in great form and sailed with them on to Rodney Bay St Lucia for a few days of exploring that area.  Highlight being a superb hike up to the old fort and gun placements with spectacular views back over Rodney Bay.

We also got our first Roti of the trip at the excellent Jambe De Bois on Pigeon Island – heaven.

Another great but long sail took us from Rodney Bay direct to Bequia via the Pitons of St Lucia, great views and safely anchored before sunset at Bequia.  We celebrated Linda’s birthday there before a final leg to Carriacou and Grenada our home for hurricane season.

Birthday Night 005