Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Les Ile Des Saintes, Guadeloupe
15 52.0N 61 35.2W

We have just spent a cracking 10 days or so in Guadeloupe, with the exception of Chelsea losing the Champions League final that is - watched the game in a tiny bar tabac with a huge TV screen, no joke it was half the width of the building!

A wonderful place, Caribbean island charm but part of France, so baguettes, wine and funny little cars as well.

We managed to get a couple of dives in at the Jacques Costeau underwater park - not sure what the park signifies as we watched fishermen hauling nets on the reef, but still some great diving.

From there we sailed down to Iles Des Saintes, three tiny islands just off the south coast. We are at Bourg a small village with no traffic, a boulangerie and a Napoleonic fort. A few days of pottering and now we will head on to Martinique.

We have caught up with about 6 boats we were in the Bahamas with as we now all start to funnel down the island chain towards Trinidad.

On the blog front have added photo albums to Picasa, there is a link on the right hand side of the page.
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