Friday, August 8, 2008

Hard At Work

Chaguaramas Bay, Trinidad
10 40.6N 61 38.3W

We got back to Trinidad after our travels to the UK and Canada on 5th August and after a couple of days of antifouling, propeller changes and various other essential out of the water maintenance we were safely relaunched to the relative cool of the harbour here.

We have picked up a mooring and will spend the next month or two working through a huge list of things to do, as well as getting this seasons major upgrade done which is an arch davit. This will mean we can pull the dinghy up at the stern and have a place to mount solar panels and a wind generator which will give us some much needed alternative power sources. We have been relying heavily on the generator and it will be nice to not feel so vulnerable to mechanical failure.

We are hoping to get some days off to explore Trinidad a bit too, but mainly a few weeks of hard graft!
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