Friday, November 30, 2007

Life In The Bahamas

North Bimini, Bahamas
25 43.35'N 79 17.92'W

So after a 1000 miles of sailing this month, most of it on cold fronts with temperatures regularly below 10 degrees, 6 nights at sea and a lot of planning and preparation it was all brought home as to why we did it today.

We woke up this morning, walked to the beach for a swim in warm crystal clear water, walked on the beach for a while, lunch in the sun, snorkelling in the afternoon, a few drinks for sun down and then dinner of lobster from the local fisherman at $25 for half a dozen - and no we weren't dreaming all this!

We really enjoyed the USA east coast, but this is very much what we came cruising for, and is what we loved about the Australian coast - we have the added spice here of a different culture (that said have you ever been to Queensland!).

We will have another day here and then head off on yet another overnight sail, to the Berry Islands where we will hopefully be able to put down the anchor in an uninhabited spot and spend a week or two getting the hang of the Caribbean.
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