Friday, December 7, 2007

Paradise Found!

Devil Hoffman Cay, Berry Islands, Bahamas
25 36.74'N 077 43.97'W

We have found a real taste of paradise here, we are anchored up surrounded by 3 Cays with protection from winds of almost every direction, we have a choice of 3 beaches to explore and some great snorkeling on the fringing reef. Only complaints to date are the weather isn't quite perfect and there aren't very many lobster to catch!

So far we have snorkeled, windsurfed and yesterday speared our first lobster - apparently further south there are plenty to find so we may manage more than just the entree next time. It makes a nice change from all the travelling and preparation and the next 6 months looks pretty exciting as we work our way south into the Caribbean.

We reached a new level of insanity yesterday when we took Charlie for a walk on the beach, he hadn't been ashore for 6 months and we felt sorry for him so as there is a small island he can't escape from we took him ashore. He seemed to enjoy it, climbing the sand cliffs and chasing through the grass, but at the same time he was happiest when he found a cave to sleep in - we needed the spear gun to get him out!

We have some ordinary weather heading this way blowing from the only direction that the anchorage offers no protection so we may move on to Nassau tomorrow, and the bright lights of the big smoke!
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