Friday, October 26, 2007

Ready For The Off!

Annapolis, Maryland
38 58.22'N 76 29.9'W

Finally we are ready, we have wiped over 100 things off the to do lists and have bought and stowed all the food and spares we need for extended cruising - which as we are heading to the yachting capital of the world may be over kill!

We decided to buy up most of the grocery wholesalers stocks here, so we have bought 100s of rolls of toilet paper, a years supply of cask wine, filled the freezer with meat, cans of everything imaginable and miraculously it all went in the cupboards eventually - some of it we even wrote down so we may be able to find it in 4 months time.

The weather has finally turned bad, we watched the world cup final with Kate & Roger in blazing sunshine, but since then it has got cold and very wet, in fact it has barely stopped raining for a minute in the past 48 hours. We should get some relief early next week, so we plan to up anchor and scoot down Chesapeake Bay and around Cape Hatteras ASAP so we can start to get some warm weather again - they have started giving the season to date snow fall on the weather channel - time to go south!

Hopefully our next post will be from the high seas as we zoom southwards to the sun (or a pub in Charleston)
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