Thursday, January 10, 2008

Swimming Pigs & Bond Sets

Big Majors Cay, Exumas
24 11.0N 76 27.6W

Well now I've seen it all! The Cay here has four pigs on it and as you approach in the dinghy they swim out to meet you in anticipation of being fed you food scraps, the big brown hog has on occassion swum out 50m plus to meet us, and will try and get in your dinghy if you let him.

We also got to snorkel Thunderball Cave, scene of the famous underwater fight in James Bond - strangely we found a snorkel there, how do you lose one without noticing, other than by being attacked by one of Blofeld's henchmen?

A beautiful place to snorkel, no fishing allowed so lots of big fish, and you swim right into the cave so see deep blue holes everywhere where it opens to the sea, you can snorkel down and swim out popping up in the ocean again and then back in for hours on end, the current got too strong before we got bored, so heading back for a second go today!

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