Monday, May 14, 2007

In A Marina!!

Brunswick, Georgia
31 08.9N 81 30.0W

We arrived here yesterday after a day sail up from St Mary's, we planned on anchoring and moving on, but the harbour is not great for that so we ended up going in to Brunswick Landing Marina for the night.

As you can see from the photo Josette was very excited to hit dry land at last! Charlie was equally pleased after 31 days at anchor he ran off to explore the marina and roll in the grass.

Since the last update we have been to Cumberland Island again with the guests, just as good second time round, more ruins, saw an alligator which made me happy I hadn't been for a swim, and on a less ecological note a nuclear sub.

We leave tomorrow for an overnight sail to Charleston, SC and to show Jo and Chris what life aboard is like we will force them to stand watch with us all night, so hello to the world of 3 hours sleep.
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