Saturday, April 18, 2009

Day Out In Puerto Rico

Culebrita, Spanish Virgin Islands
18 19.2N 65 13.7W

The nice shiny new computer that we use for navigation died on us for the second time in 12 months and while Captain Cook traveled the world without one, we’re not quite there yet and are feeling very exposed to navigation hazards without it.

Fortunately it’s still under warranty, unfortunately the warranty is only valid in US territory (!?) so we headed to Puerto Rico to send it off to be fixed.

From the BVIs, we had a great sail stopping for a night in the US Virgin Islands before arriving in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, where for the first time since September 2008, we stayed in a marina. A day of luxury one could think but not for us!

At 7 AM Linda was enjoying (!) the launderette facilities, Tim was running around hiring a car and getting the propane tanks refilled. By 9.30 AM we were delivering the computer and hitting the shops. By 2 PM we were back at the marina offloading all the goodies found in the land of plenty, by 3 PM it was all stowed away, the water tanks were refilled and we were very, very happy to untie Matsu from the dock and leave for the Spanish Virgin Islands.

We rendezvoused with our friends Dave and Donna of Magic in Culebra and spent a few wonderful lazy days with them. Once again, we are parting from dear cruising friends but, as seems to be the rule, we will meet up again very soon, this time in Annapolis, their adopted home town and where we’re planning to leave Matsu during our “working holiday” in England.

After Magic set off for the USA, we passed some very relaxing days in Culebrita, a simply perfect little island rating high on our top ten beach destinations. A picture perfect island complete with palm trees, rock pools, white sand and crystal clear water. Not a bad place to wait for the computer to be repaired!

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