Saturday, April 9, 2011

Enjoying The Exumas

Staniel Cay, Exumas

When Bofix (finally reunited with their luggage) departed on 10th March, Linda and I were faced with a rare occurrence this season, a whole month with no visitors and no timetable to be anywhere!

We thought up various plans but finally settled on returning to the Exuma Cays to explore the areas we missed on the way south and go back to some favourite spots.  We were also keen to make the most for the last few weeks of the lobster season.

First stop was Rudder Cut Cay a new place for us and a lovely spot, great snorkeling in the area and a calm all weather anchorage.  David Copperfield has bought the islands around there and is trying to keep it all as private as he can, but luckily Bahamian law keeps the beaches open for all so at least his undeveloped Cays are accessible. Rudder Cut Cay_031

The highlight of the area was snorkeling Cave Cay Cut where we saw some huge Eagle Rays up close.

From there we headed north to White Point, catching another Mahi Mahi on the way (not sure what we are doing right this year fishing but whatever it is I hope we keep doing it!).

After exploring there we took in the familiar sights of the Cays, with lots of fun and a few minor incidents, running aground at Normans Cay for a few hours, and my clumsy fall at Allans Cay.

I got up in the morning and walked up the back companion way carrying my Kindle and a coffee, I lost my footing and fell head first into the push pit, hitting my head very hard, smashing my Kindle to pieces but miraculously saving the coffee!  

Other than a small cut all was well except that I then had one of my Vaso Vagal attacks and Linda found me out cold, rigid and frothing at the mouth in the back cockpit.  I woke up after about a minute far less shaken than poor Linda who had not witnessed one first hand before.  24 hours later I am back to normal and we are back snorkeling and so forth!

From there we returned to Cambridge Cay and spent a superb week anchored there enjoying the beach and the stunning diving and snorkeling in Exuma Sea Park.

We returned south today and have two more sets of visitors before we begin the migration north for summer.

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Ken n Cheryl said...

Please figure out how you're catching all those fish so you can tell us! Love the picture of the stingray! So glad that you survived the fall and that you didn't give Linda a heart attack. Looks like a beautiful place and we can't wait to get there!