Friday, August 10, 2012

Back From UK and Canada

Port Louis Marina, Grenada
After a few weeks of boat chores we parked Matsu in Port Louis marina to keep her safe and most importantly insured for hurricanes and I caught the Virgin flight to the UK for 4 weeks with family and friends there, Linda had a short stay on the boat, weeks in Canada for Anouck and Jimmy’s wedding, back to Matsu for a week and then 2 weeks in the UK with me arriving just in time for the Olympics, we even got to go and see Canada beat Team GB in women’s soccer at Coventry stadium much to Linda's delight.
As usual the trips home were lots of fun and with nowhere near enough time to catch up with all our friends – to those we saw we wish we could have seen more of you and those we missed altogether, sorry we didn’t make it and we promise to do better on our next trip!
Lakes 035
We are now back on board and gearing up for Carnival in Grenada.
Pretty Mas 002

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