Saturday, July 14, 2007

Back To Work

Harness Creek, Annapolis, Maryland
38 56.1N 76 30.5W

Well how prescient I was saying we would stay here a while and do some chores! We are still here!

We decided it was a great place to repair the genoa track that had lifted while sailing north, after nearly 3 weeks of solid work it is fixed. We realised early on that it was a much bigger repair than anticipated, as we had to remove a fair amount of teak trim from the outside of the hull to get to the problem. This was all very scary, so we made some initial enquiries for a professional job, the quotes came back in the $5000-$10,000 mark so we we had little choice but to do it ourselves. We got good advice from Andy via the phone in Hong Kong and we are now prouder and richer, but looking forward to a holiday (poor us I hear you say!)

More updates soon on what we have been doing since we arrived here.
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