Thursday, July 26, 2007

We Actually Left

Top End Of Chesapeake Bay
39 29.9N 75 55.4W

After 36 nights anchored in Annapolis we finally left. We had joked that something would break and we would be stuck after all our farewells, and sure enough as the anchor hit the bow roller Linda shouted out that she had no steering! We immediately dropped the anchor again and went to investigate, luckily it was a simple one, while shoving stuff in the lazarette to leave we had knocked the bypass valve on the hydraulic steering open, so the fix was simple and we were able to leave as planned.

Surprise surprise for Chesapeake Bay - no wind, so we motored the whole way up the Bay for 50 miles to the entrance to the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal. On the way we passed under the famous Bay Bridges, and sweltered in phenomenal heat, the thermometer under the dodger hitting 50 degrees in early afternoon!

Despite the heat and the motoring it was still great to be on our way again.
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