Thursday, September 20, 2007

Back "Home"

Harness Creek, Annapolis, Maryland
38 56.1N 76 30.5W

We arrived back at Harness Creek in Annapolis today where we spent 6 weeks earlier in the year doing repairs, and we will be here for about 4 weeks this time while we get ready to head for the Caribbean, go to the Boat Show, and hopefully have some fun with day trips to Washington DC and up to Philadelphia for Kate Wilson's 40th Birthday.

The trip down the New Jersey coast was fun and uneventful. We experienced our first "cold front" of autumn, the wind went round to the north and then brought with it a great sailing breeze of about 15-20 knots, the only draw back being it smelt of Polar Bears and made us search for the warm clothes we had hidden away 6 months ago! In fact we had planned an overnight trip from Sandy Hook down to Delaware Bay and up to the canal, but as the afternoon wore on and the thermometer started to plunge we decided that a night at sea was not going to be too much fun.

A quick search of the charts and some radio time with the coast guard and we found an inlet we could get into and spent a lovely warm night under the doona at anchor in Barnegat Inlet while the temperature fell to 14 degrees celsius (I know many of you won't think that's cold, but throw in some wind and sit outside all night and tell me deep down you wouldn't be whingeing too!)

The next day we sailed down to Atlantic City, the day after that to the Delaware Bay entrance and then finally up the Delaware Bay and into the Chesapeake on day 3. By the time we were in the C&D canal we had gone from four layers of clothing and wooly hats that morning, to shorts and t-shirts as the effect of the cold front finally ended.
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