Sunday, September 9, 2007

Exploring New York City Again

Port Washington, New York
40 49.6N 73 42.9W

We had a great sail back down Long Island Sound from Newport, lots of sunshine and some breeze so we were able to sail not motor. We are now anchored in Port Washington again and doing day trips on the train into NYC for more sightseeing.

The highlight of this trip to NYC was walking across the Brooklyn Bridge on a glorious sunny day, with great views of Manhattan and the Statue Of Liberty as well as a close up look at how they built this huge bridge 130 odd years ago. We also visited Ground Zero and the displays in the church next door showing the rescuers at work and rest during the days after the attack. As the 6th anniversary approaches it is still a staggering thing to see and the big hole in the ground would be a constant reminder for millions who walk past there each day.

We finish each day in NYC exhausted with sore feet, and just about make it back to the boat before falling asleep, it seems impossible to manage two consecutive days there which as we are fitter than normal seems ridiculous.
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