Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sand, Sand, Sand

Cocoa Point, Barbuda
17 33.2N 61 46.1W

We said goodbye to Antigua and had a lovely sail to Barbuda. Average speed of 8.5 knots on a 40 mile journey … not bad! All that time fixing the engine and we sailed the whole way! But oh so good to be on the move again.

Barbuda is nothing more than a beach … but what a beach. Fine pale pink sand for kilometers, actually all around this little island. We walked some 10 kilometers along it the first day. A very good stretching of legs after 10 days cramped in the engine room.

We also took advantage of this dream location to reconcile ourselves with cruising. So no work for a few days, long walks, bike rides, snorkels and swimming in this clear turquoise water. Book reading and star watching completed the activities. We promised ourselves to be back soon but St-Martin and our repaired wind generator are calling us …
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