Monday, January 5, 2009

A Wilson New Year

Jolly Harbour, Antigua
17 04.5N 61 53.8W

Kate , Rog, Abby and Georgie Wilson flew into Antigua for a week on Matsu in time to celebrate the new year, the warm weather (after a Philly winter) and all things Antiguan.

Our plan was to sail round some of our favourite anhcorages with them, but as we prepared to leave Jolly Harbour the gear box that has been giving us intermittent problems since Union Island finally died for good. So instead we spent a wonderful week "stranded" in Jolly Harbour this left us with a mere 7-8 deserted beaches to enjoy and the kids missed out on the joys of a 5 hour sail from place to place - not sure it was too much hard ship!

New Year's Eve was very special, we had a night on the beach with a BBQ and a camp fire and at midnight let off the Chinese lanterns that Mike and Liz had brought last April, we finally had a night of no wind and something to celebrate with friends. During Mike & Liz's visit it blew 30 knots all day and night and we feared major burns or starting a bush fire!

The evening finished with Kate & Abby fast asleep on the beach, while Georgie and Rog ran round partying and asking for more beer, so no genetic predispositions there then!

The rest fo the holiday passed with conch shell collecting and just having a lovely time and we were very sad to see them all head off to the airport. Kate somehow let herself give Rog permission to return for the test match in Antigua next month so we will see him again soon!

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