Friday, February 6, 2009

St Bart's To Antigua On One Tack!

Jolly Harbour, Antigua
17 04.5N 61 53.8W

We have arranged to be in Antigua for the England vs West Indies cricket test match. Due to easterly trade winds, the usual way to go from St-Barts to Antigua is to day hop to St-Kitts or Nevis, then from St-Kitts or Nevis to Montserrat, followed by a leg from Montserrat to Guadeloupe and then up from Guadeloupe to Antigua.

Four days of sailing were expected so we left with plenty of time ahead of us before the first day of cricket. The sailing plan was to sail as close to the wind as we can and try to make the first leg all the way to Nevis. About half way, the captain announced that we were actually on a rhumb line to Antigua direct. There were still 50 something miles to go so it could well change but so far so good ... we arrived in Jolly Harbour Antigua just after sunset, amazed we had made it on one tack! And the winning prize was ... 2 beautiful tuna.

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