Friday, November 16, 2012

Economic Prosperity!

Chatham Bay, Union Island

Chatham Bay 010Almost exactly four years ago we were here in Chatham Bay with a five other boats and went ashore to a brand new beach bar that had just opened.

Seckie and Vanessa welcomed us with rum cocktails and happy smiles.  The usual custom in these parts is to have old flags hanging from the roof, but theirs was conspicuously bare so we left our old red ensign as a memento, their first flag.

Since November 2008 the world has changed a fair bit economically, all the other boats we were with have retired from cruising, we have had a spell back in the UK working and times have been tough for the islanders, as charter boat visits have diminished as well as cruisers, and those that do pass have had tighter belts.

So it was great to return here last night and find the bar open and our flag hard to find among the many that now fly from their roof.

Chatham Bay 005

If you pass this way on your boat make sure you head ashore and have a rum or dinner to help keep them going and reward their hard work.

By the way this is the view you will have of sunset:

Chatham Bay 006

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