Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Small Steps

Union Island, Grenadines

Seven years ago we were contemplating our first international voyage as being Australia to New Caledonia, around 800 miles upwind in the Pacific.  In the end a “pleasure” deferred by buying a new boat in the USA and relocating to the northern hemisphere.

Almost exactly a year ago we were getting ready to cross from the USA to the Bahamas, about 60 miles across the Gulf Stream so navigationally challenging, the weather needs to be right, and despite being one we had done 3 times before it still involved a 5am rise from bed and a lot of bashing to windward in the dark off the Florida coast.

This season’s first international voyage is one of the smallest you can do, Carriacou to Union Island, anchor to anchor about 7 miles and all on a beam reach under sunny skies in 12 knots of breeze and calm sheltered waters!

Bound For Grenadines 002

View Of Union Island Approaching

Bound For Grenadines 004

View Of Carriacou Receding

Now that’s what we call cruising!

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