Thursday, April 12, 2007

Safely Arrived In Fort Lauderdale

Mandarin Isle, Fort Lauderdale
26 06.2N 80 09.5W

Well we haven't updated the blog since we arrived nearly 2 weeks ago for one very simple reason we haven't been anywhere! We have stayed tied up to the dock in the canals of Fort Lauderdale doing the chores, provisioning, working out all things Matsu and sweating as it is very hot and humid here.

All well though, Charlie the cat has safely arrived and is ruling the roost on the canal side here, and we are already a bit thinner and browner than when we left!

We are leaving today for a trip down to the sea, and then on to Miami tomorrow for our first sail and anchor up, we plan on spending some time in Biscayne Bay getting used to the boat and then we will start the cruise north.

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