Sunday, April 22, 2007

Finally We Go For A Sail!

Biscayne Bay, Miami, Florida
25 40.6N 80 09.9W

We left Lake Sylvia on Tuesday and had a great sail down to Miami in fabulous sunshine and a gentle breeze, Matsu sailed superbly performing much better in the light breezes than we would have thought possible. We arrived in Miami late afternoon ran aground again while trying to find some water to anchor in and got the pick down in time for an amazing sunset over the city.

Wednesday morning after another brief flirt with the sand we were off down the ICW to Biscayne Bay, in addition to constantly monitoring the depth sounder we had the heart stopping moment of going under a bridge, theoretically we had 8 feet to spare, but from the deck looking up it's a scary thing.

Since then we have been in Biscayne Bay, day sailing, fixing things and finally having some cruising style fun, dinghy trips, snorkelling, reading etc. Major achievement is we haven't run aground for 4 days now, so very pleased!

We plan to leave tomorrow to head north to Georgia, we can't face anymore shallow water harbours so it's time to start heading north. It's a 350 mile journey but we should get 3-4 knots of current from the Gulf Stream so hope to be there in 48 hours or so.

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