Monday, April 23, 2007

We're Off, Then We Aren't

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
26 07.1N 80 06.6W

Well we set off from Biscayne Bay with high hopes, the weather forecast was superb and we were set for a great sail up to the St Mary's river on the Florida/Georgia border.

We had a good sail for a while, but then the wind started to back round to the north and while the upwind sailing was great, we couldn't get easily offshore to the Gulf Stream as planned and even if we could it's not a great place to be in a Norther as the sea stacks up badly.

We had to tack as we approached Fort Lauderdale to get out to sea a bit, and about 10 minutes later there was a nasty noise and we looked down to see that the genoa track had pulled up from the deck under the car, which made the decision to head into Fort Lauderdale a bit easier!

So we headed back in to our spot in Lake Sylvia to assess the damage and get some sleep, trouble is by the time we had negotiated the bridges etc we were about 3" of water short and so yet again we go aground, but this time we are well and truly stuck and have to wait 3 hours for the tide to go out and come back again. So technically we have our first night at sea on Matsu, admitedly right outside someone's house but we weren't anchored! We finally free ourselves at 11pm and head for the moorings at Las Olas as we know there's a good 9' there, ahh south Florida.

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