Monday, April 16, 2007

Anchored In Lake Sylvia

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
26 06.3N 80 06.7W

So finally a proper update.

We had 2 very busy weeks to start off with, we remained tied up behind the house in the canals of Fort Lauderdale where we had berthed her ever since buying the boat. The time passed very quickly as we ran around buying food, general supplies and fixing up a couple of things on the boat. The prices of food, beer, wine etc here are so much lower than Oz, we have been amazed - we always thought of Australia as a cheap place, but at $20 for a slab of beer, versus $40 in Oz what can I say!

Finally on Thursday we threw off the mooring lines and backed down the canal between all the other boats miraculously missing them all, and off down the river towards the sea. It took us 4 years to run aground in Blue Lady, 15 minutes this time! We had just radioed a bridge, they opened it we got through, picked up the right channel and were feeling very happy, when oh so slowly we touched bottom. The tide was on the rise so we weren't stuck long, and the rest of the trip was pretty normal.

Since then we have been in Lake Sylvia surrounded by mansions and super yachts, but having a great time, we will head down to Biscayne Bay tomorrow, we have had 30+ kts the last 24 hours so we delayed our departure while the front went through.The boat is wonderful, everything we remembered and more, we still haven't sailed her, but the fridge, battery chargers, generator, toilets and all the other things that you spend your time on with cruising boats work great!

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