Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Best Sailing Can Get

In The Gulf Stream
28 57.6N 79 40.2W

We assess the damage and decide to carry on sailing, it's still useable, the repair is a time consuming one and the weather forecast is perfect for sailing north.

So here we are in the Gulf Stream, it's sunny, warm, we are broad reaching in 12-15 knots on a flat boat, but with 3-4 knots of current we are making 10 knots over the ground! For the sailors, our first 24 hour run on Matsu is 215 miles, be a while until we beat that I think!

We have to gybe inshore soon so will lose the current, but have a great forecast for the remaining 100 miles or so, and should arrive tomorrow morning at St Mary's river.

We can now update the blog via HF email so shuld be a bit more news for following us now.

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